New analysis shows over 99 per cent associated with ladies on Ashley Madison were phony

New analysis shows over 99 per cent associated with ladies on Ashley Madison were phony

If the Ashley Madison hackshit early in the day this month, it didn’t just take long for researchers to start poring within the details and data. Impact Team, the group behind the hack, declared that it was releasing the details because Ashley Madison had lied concerning the male-female account ratio on its internet site. At that time, the hackers advertised that 90-95% associated with records on Ashley Madison were male, with “thousands” of fake female profiles. New research shows this may being a dramatic underestimation.

Gizmodo’s Analee Lewis combed through the database, interested in tell-tale signs that the 5.5 million female records on Ashley Madison were phony. As expected, she found some, including IP addresses that showed records were made from and large number of accounts that listed an current email address as his or her main contact point. These e-mail addresses were even listed in sequential, bot-like manner —,, etc.

One vital bit of information captured into the leak ended up being the last day a user had examined their communications. In case a user never checked their inbox, the industry ended up being totally blank. When they logged in even once, that information ended up being recorded. Ashley Madison also records the last time a user answered communications; this is often managed inside a individual industry without actually hitting the inbox, which explains why the information logs show different numbers for the women who checked mail versus replying to a message. Continue reading New analysis shows over 99 per cent associated with ladies on Ashley Madison were phony

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