The Everyday is collected by this artist objects Define Lesbian Life

The Everyday is collected by this artist objects Define Lesbian Life

Musician Phoenix Lindsey-Hall is just a self-described collector, hanging on to such things as pictures, admission stubs, and note scraps as reminders for the memories and relationships that shape her identity that is queer.

Her reverence for components of emotional value has led her to expend many years performing artistic arts research and searching the publications, photographs, videos, as well as other things on display in the Lesbian Herstory Archives, a Brooklyn brownstone that holds the world’s biggest collection of materials developed by and about lesbians and their communities. Reminded of her very own collection, Lindsey-Hall sought after to produce a display of individual items, documents, and symbols of lesbian experience, both general general public and private. “I wished to come up with a number of the meaningful items that had been essential for my queer identification throughout my entire life, and ask every person to possess this exhibition that is public could simply actually highlight everybody’s stories, ” said Lindsey-Hall in a phone meeting.

Testosterone pipes. Picture by Phoenix Lindsey-Hall

Nearby the end of this past year, Lindsey-Hall exposed submissions to Lesbian issues, a participatory art task set up at Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn included in the BRIC Biennial. The display explores the private and material items which commemorate lesbian life, define queer identities, and act as collective reminders of individual queer records. Lindsey-Hall invited anyone determining as lesbian, butch, queer, non-binary, and trans to send objects that are personal pictures, postcards, buttons, trinkets, or clothes products for display. “The items actually are a placeholder that invite an account, ” Lindsey-Hall stated.

Over 100 individuals from around the world delivered things representing a spectrum that is wide of and lesbian experiences, along side a description of the importance. Continue reading The Everyday is collected by this artist objects Define Lesbian Life