Into the News 10 Fables About Latinas That Simply Won’t Die

Into the News 10 Fables About Latinas That Simply Won’t Die

This informative article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.

Hollywood could have you think that people all have actually curves like Sofia Vergara, perfectly caramel-colored epidermis like Eva Mendes, and dance like Shakira, and alas, we’m right here to inform you it is not real. Right right Here, 10 fables that simply will not perish.

1. We are all moms that are teen. Some people had moms that wouldn’t also why don’t we date you, momma! ) until we were almost out of high school (love.

Genuine talk: Latina teens do have a greater price of teenager pregnancy than white teenagers, however they’ve also possessed a decrease that is dramatic teenager births. In reality, the teen that is hispanic price has declined by 39 per cent since 2007.

2. Most of us dance salsa. Some Latinas do! Some Latinas choose ballet. Some wish they had any type of rhythm after all (and among others do not care).

3. We’re all hypersexual and seductive. A present research discovered that Latinas are certainly the absolute most very likely to appear nude or semi-nude in films — probably because culture actually loves to fetishize Latinas as sexy, “spicy, ” sassy, and promiscuous — and there’s no shortage of sexy, sensual Latina figures on television (Sofia Vergara as Gloria on contemporary Family, Naya Rivera as Santana in Glee, Eva Mendes when you look at the Females), nevertheless the the truth is, not totally all Latinas embody this label or care everything you think of them being sexy.

4. We are all super pro-life and conservative. It is correct that broadly speaking, Latinos are far more conservative compared to the basic population, but a current Pew report demonstrates that 40 per cent of Latinos think abortion should really be appropriate generally in most or all instances, and 90 of married Latinas who also identify as Catholic used birth prevention prohibited because of the Vatican, the nationwide Latina Institute of Reproductive wellness states. Continue reading Into the News 10 Fables About Latinas That Simply Won’t Die