Myth number 2: Non-monogamy is a lot easier than monogamy

Myth number 2: Non-monogamy is a lot easier than monogamy

Another indisputable fact that’s floating around out there was that non-monogamous relationships have become therefore popular within our monogamy dominated society because monogamy is this thing that is challenging needs time to work, commitment and effort, whereas non-monogamy is…well…easy.

To the contrary, non-monogamy could be in the same way challenging as monogamy is, or even more therefore often times, because it presents challenges into relationships that monogamous folks don’t need to grapple with quite the maximum amount of. For example…

Time Management

For starters, it’sn’t as though non-monogamous people are unexpectedly awarded more of their time in a time, more times within the week, etc.

We’re managing jobs, buddies, family members, animals and also young ones just as the remaining portion of the globe. Except…with multiple lovers. Straight away that necessitates a complete much more preparing than monogamous people need to worry about. A simple, “Just thought I’d swing by and shock you for meal, ” can be a wee bit embarrassing in the event that you’ve already got a lunch date with somebody else. You came across a great girl at a cafe and she told you she’s free this Thursday. Great!

Except…you agreed together with your main partner that Thursday ended up being their time to make sure your quality time. But cafe woman goes away from city for a fortnight on Friday. Would you wait a couple of weeks and risk the fizzle, or confer with your partner about making an exclusion?

When there will be a lot more than two, it gets lot harder.

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